Mainly just wanted to draw Capsule Corp. on a jacket.

I’ll be at Awesome Con this weekend in DC. I’ll be at table C1 with Amy Chu and Alitha Martinez. Check out comics and cherry blossoms!

Reminder, you can still grab PDF’s of my book here.

You can now purchase a PDF of Cecilia on Gumroad for only $2! The weekly comic strip will go up in May if you don’t got the cash.



Amanda Scurti likes cool dogs and aesthetic eyebrows. A combination of the two would be her greatest dream. 

I’ll be tabling at Fresh Meat this year! Fresh Meat is SVA’s in-house comics fair. I’ll have copies of HEY, JANA J’s chapter one & Milk Pants, as well as some LOTR prints and dog stickers. 

This event is free and open to the public!

WHEN: Friday, May 2nd from 6:00PM-9:00PM
WHERE: SVA Student Center,  217 East 23rd Street 
(Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)

Here’s the Facebook event! (ETA I’ll update this with the correct link when I have it, that was last year’s event…oops!)

I still don’t know where I want to stick these doggy stickers! You should go get your own though.

A bit late to post this. Just wanted to say my heart grew 10x when The Hound said “Fuck the King” and they had the close up of Arya’s smirk.

True Detective episode 4