Since the new GoT Season 3 trailer up, I’ll post this Clash of Kings drawing I redid. I wanted to change it up because I felt the original was a bit tooo jumbled. Ok that’s allll.

My name. A scream caught in his throat. They had taught him his name, they had, but it had been so long that he’d forgotten. If I say it was wrong he’ll take another finger, or worse, he’ll… “Please,” he squeaked, his voice thin and weak. He sounded a hundred years old. Perhaps he was. How long have I been in here?

I kept my promise to do one for every book / season. I added the Reeds, Ramsay/Reek, and some House of the Undying changes that were from the book.

You can get a print of this at my store. I also added an option to get both prints for like $5 less.

I’ll most likely do one for every season / book so I don’t spoil anything. Although, maybe not since that will take a billion years to happen. It was hard trying to fit all the characters in! If you want to see a bigger version click here. Also, I might make this into a print if anyone is interested? I have to wait to until I get some fancier paper.