You can now purchase a PDF of Cecilia on Gumroad for only $2! The weekly comic strip will go up in May if you don’t got the cash.

I have some copies of my comic that you can buy here. I’ll also include a drawing of your choosing (head + bust)! I may also include stickers if I make some. MAYBE. The comics will be posted next month over at my shawtiez tumblr, where I hope to update it regularly. So, if you don’t have the cash for it, you can read it soon. Thanks for the support!

I’ll have some copies on me this weekend at MoCCA. I’ll be walking around for a bit so if you want one, I can hook you up there. There are old posts with my facial in it if you really want to track me down.

Helloo! If you are going to be at this San Diego Comic Con everyone is talking about, you should go check out the Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining panel (Sat. 7PM). The panel features some great speakers, one of them being Dan the AutomatorIf you go to the panel, you will get a cool deck of cards. I drew one of the cards ( see above ).

Thanks Jeff Yang for inviting me!

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