A bit late to post this. Just wanted to say my heart grew 10x when The Hound said “Fuck the King” and they had the close up of Arya’s smirk.

Since the new GoT Season 3 trailer up, I’ll post this Clash of Kings drawing I redid. I wanted to change it up because I felt the original was a bit tooo jumbled. Ok that’s allll.

My name. A scream caught in his throat. They had taught him his name, they had, but it had been so long that he’d forgotten. If I say it was wrong he’ll take another finger, or worse, he’ll… “Please,” he squeaked, his voice thin and weak. He sounded a hundred years old. Perhaps he was. How long have I been in here?

I kept my promise to do one for every book / season. I added the Reeds, Ramsay/Reek, and some House of the Undying changes that were from the book.

You can get a print of this at my store. I also added an option to get both prints for like $5 less.

Since “War is Coming” this Sunday, I’ll do a give away thingie. I’ll give away one of the Game of Thrones prints I made. This is the hyper colored version, aka, “I messed with the color settings and I kind of liked how it came out, but it’s too colorful”. I’ll also throw in random good stuff.

If you want in on this joint, just reblog this post and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, April 15th, 9PM EST.